What We Do

Spraytech ABC are based near Royston offering car bodywork and restorations

Car Repairs 

Whether you've been in an accident or targeted by vandals, our mechanics can carry out a number of different car repairs. From a dent in the supermarket car park to collision repair. Spraytech ABC can get your car looking fantastic. 
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Our dedicated team will ensure that our high standards are met and your car is looking fantastic!
Offering automotive body and paint repair in Bassingbourn near Royston. Insurance work, Accident repairs, Alloy wheel refurbishments, bodywork imperfections and restorations are all completed in our designated workshop.

We use our spray booth to ensure that there is no cross contamination whilst giving your car the best quality finish.

Insurance Repair

Damage to your car, whether it’s cosmetic or mechanical, is going to cost money to repair. When you make a claim, most insurance providers offer to get the damage fixed using one of their approved repairers. But what if you want to choose your own repairer?
Not only are you free to choose your own repairer, it’s your legal right to do so.

The Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulations is an EU law which gives car owners the right to freely choose any repairer or body shop to repair their vehicle. Under your UK car insurance repair rights, you’re not obliged to go with an approved repairer chosen by your insurance provider if you don’t want to.

Alloy Wheel Repair

If you’ve invested in a set of alloy wheels for your car, the chances are that you’ll want to keep them in excellent condition. Alloy wheels are a fantastic attribute for a car to have. Keeping them damage-free not only keeps your car looking great, but it also helps the car maintain its residual value. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, scuffed alloys and kerbed alloy wheels are an all too common occurrence. On those occasions, when your alloy wheels find themselves in less than perfect condition, you’ll want to restore them as soon as possible


We love completing a restoration! Restoring an old car to it's former glory is so rewarding to us that we always love seeing our customers drive off in a car like the day it was made. If you've got a project that you want us to work on get in touch for a no obligation quote
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